Что спросить у Siri

Что спросить у Siri, какие влпросы задать сири

Siri – это персональный умный помощник, который сделает практически все, о чем вы его попросите.

Возможности Siri

С помощью Siri можно назначать встречи, отправлять сообщения, звонить и не только. Siri – это не привычная программа с голосовым управлением в которой необходимо запоминать команды. Siri может понимать обычную речь, и если ей необходимо будет больше информации, она просто попросит Вас об этом.

Моментально понять Ваш вопрос Siri помогает  используемый двухядерный процессор A5 в iPhone 4S, сеть 3G и Wi-Fi для соединения с центром информации Apple.

Siri работает почти со всеми программами, встроенными в iPhone 4S. Siri достаточно умна, чтобы понять, какую программу использовать в каждом конкретном случае, для выполнения Вашего запроса. Также Siri может использовать сервис и поиск локального размещения, для ответа на Ваш вопрос.

Что спросить у Siri

Ниже приведены примеры вопросов, которые можно задать Siri:

Request Contacts

What is the address of Ann?
What is the phone number for Susan Park?
When my wife’s birthday?
Show your home e-mail Lucy
Search for contacts

Show Jason Russell
Find people by name Park
Who is Michael Manning?

My mother — Susan Park
Michael Manning — my brother
Call my brother a job

Add Event

Schedule a meeting at 9
Schedule a meeting with Michael at 9
Meet with Lisa at noon
Schedule an interview for a job tomorrow at 9 am
A new meeting with Susan Park on Friday 3
Appoint briefings today at 8:30 am in Conference Room
Changing the Event

Bring my meeting with 3 at 4:30 pm
Bring my visit to Dr. Manning for the following Monday at 9 am
Add Lisa to meet with Jason Mei
Cancel a meeting to review budget
Asking about the events

What is it that I scheduled for the end of the day?
What will happen on Friday?
When my Next meeting?
When I meet with Michael?
Where will my next meeting?

Setting Alarms

Wake me up tomorrow at 8 am
Install an alarm at 6:40 am
Wake me up around 8:20
Ceasing alarm from 6:50 to 6:65
Disconnect an alarm clock at 6:30
Remove the alarm clock at 7:30
Visiting rounds

What time is it?
What time is it in Berlin?
What day is today?
How many this Saturday?
Using the timer

Set the timer for ten minutes
Show timer
Put a timer on pause
Reset the timer

Sending a message

Write to Lisa on a trip
Send to Jennifer about the changes in the plans
Susan Park, a new letter
Check mail from Dad about renting
Write to Dr. Manning, and say that I have received the form, thank you
Otpishu Lisa and Jason about the party and tell him that I had a great time

Check messages

Check the e-mail
Is there a new letter from Michael today?
Show new posts lease
Show yesterday’s letter from Lisa
In response to reports

Answer: Dear Susan, sorry for the late payment
Call her at work

Checking the location of friends

Where is Jason?
Where is my sister?
At home my wife?
Where are all my friends?
Who is here?
Who with me?


How do I get home?
Show where the 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, California
How to get to work my father
Local Businesses

Find a coffee shop near me
Where is Starbucks?
Where b zazhevat burger in Baltimore?
Find gas stations within walking distance
Where is the good Mexican restaurants?


Sending text messages (SMS)

Tell Susan I’ll wait here
Send a private message to Jason Russell
Send a message to Lisa asking what about tomorrow?
Tell Jennifer show was funny
Send a message to Susan on the mobile that I’m late
Send a message to the number 89520300303
Send to Jason and Lisa, «where are you?»

Reading posts

Read my new posts
Read it again

Reply to messages

Tell me, what is the good news
Tell him I’ll be there in 15 minutes
Dial it



Play House of The Rising Sun
Play Dsrk Side of The Moon (this album * approx. Editorial iCritic.ru)
Mix and play Taking Back Sunday
Lost to Alicia Keys
Play the blues
Play my selection for a party
Mix ground my playlist


Create and search your notes

Add that I spent $ 150 on dinner
Note: check that the new album Alicia Keys
Find my notes on restaurants
Make a note of the list of books to read
Add Tom Sawyer to my list of books


Phone calls

Call Dime
Call Jennifer Wright on mobile
Call Susan on her work phone
Call 8900000003
Call home
FaceTime with Lisa


Request a reminder

Remind me to call my mother
Remind me to call my mom when I get back home
Remind me to take an umbrella
Remind to take medication at 6 am tomorrow
Remind me to took the flowers, if I go
Remind me to dial Jason, when I go
Remind me to finish a report in 6


Checking Shares (Securities)

What is the stock price of Apple?
What is the PE index for Apple?
What was the rate at the close of trading Yahoo?
How is Nikkei?
How are the markets?
What is the Dow?


Check the Forecast

What is the weather today?
What is the weather for tomorrow?
Will it rain in Cupertino this week?
Check the forecast for next week in Burlington
What the forecast for this evening?
What is the weather in Tampa right now?
As it will be hot in Palm Springs this weekend?
It’s hot there in Anchorage on Thursday?
What is the temperature outside?
How windy day?
When dawn in Paris?


Information retrieval

Look on the Internet about Bora Bora
Find a vegetarian pasta
Find the best online tariff
Googling the War of 1812
Find on Wikipedia about Abraham Lincoln
Look for news about the world championship
Bing Alicia Keys (Bing — the search engine from Microsoft)

The use of Wolfram Alpha

How many calories a donut?
What is a 18% tip of $ 86.74 for four people?
Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?
How to live a long time dog?
What is the Gossamer Condor? (First controlled aircraft)
Calculate the square root of 128?
How many dollars is € 45?
What is the best film of 1983?
How many days until Christmas?
How far is the sun?
When will the next solar eclipse?
Show me the constellation of Orion
What is the population of Jamaica?
How high is Mount Everest?
How deep Atlantic Ocean?
What the price of gasoline in Chicago?


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